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Mechanic's Garage


Manage your shop centrally from any Internet connected device.  Manage appointments, create quotes & estimates, assign jobs, create invoices.  Communicate with customers, techs and vendors via text & email.  See the dashboard for a quick view of your shop, reports for performance details.  These features will allow you to focus on your customers!

Changing the Tire


Let techs see assigned work and manage that work on their smart phones.  They can enter time, view notes & files for the jobs, update item status - keeping you and the customer fully informed on status.  Techs are automatically notified via Text-2-Work on their phones of newly assigned work.  All this from their smart phone or tablet on the shop floor.

Asset Tracking


Empower your customers and gain credibility.  Allow them to schedule appointments from their phone, review and approve estimates from a text or email, review and pay invoices directly from an email or text on their smart phone.  No need for them to call you, send job status to them automatically.  Push marketing specials and discounts, make them HAPPY!


Dollar Bills


Collecting payment is why you run your business, SHOP METHODS makes that as easy as possible.  SHOP METHODS integrates with a variety of card processors, including and PayPal.  This payment integration is available on the Customer Portal, let your customer's pay their own bill.

Stock Charts in the Newspaper


SHOP METHODS can eliminate the double entry that many shops go through to get customer, invoice and payment information into their financial system for their accountant.  We integrate with major packages on a real time basis, automatically creating entries in your FI system of choice.

Car Engine


Don't make your techs hunt and peck searching for technical data for vehicles they are working.  SHOP METHODS integrates with MOTORS OEM data and other vehicle systems, such as tire registration systems.  Ensure quality repairs with access to the most up to date information.

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