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Tech Portal Features

Under the Car

Technician Highlights

Get your techs working as soon as an Estimate is approved for work.  They can jump straight into the Tech Portal from a text sent to their smart phone when work is assigned.  Let them set the status of work and track their real time.

  • View assigned work

  • Designed to be used on a tablet or smart phone

  • Notify techs of new work with Text-2-Work to their smart phones with a link straight to the Job

  • Modify assigned Jobs

  • Add notes, recommendations, photos or videos

  • Set Job line item status

  • Task time tracking

  • Track clock in and out hours

  • Automatic clock out based on shop hours 

  • Review and submit time

  • Notify techs of new Digital Inspections to perform with our Text-2-Inspect feature to the techs smart phone

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