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Busy Office

Back Office Staffing

Looking for a bit more help than just a software application to assist you. Many shops are so focused on providing excellent repair work that the office side of their business can suffer. We can provide remote personal who will assist the running of your back office. This help can be just a few hours a week to full time, or, perhaps just for a short period of time to help you through a tight spot. Your call.

  • General Office Support

  • Create and confirm appointments

  • Enter and maintain shop estimates and repair orders

  • Create, maintian and collect invoices

  • Order and track parts

  • Communicate and work with vendors, parts and services

  • Schedule vendor services

  • Communicate with customers about estimates, jobs and invoices

Server Installation

Web Site Hosting

As part of the MCi Software solution, we provide our customer's valuable web hosting options. 


  • Web site hosting on reliable servers with high levels of access

  • Professional web templates and custom solutions that include email and texting

Web Site Design, Domain Name & Hosting


  • Utilize our existing templates to quickly build your web presence

  • Put forth a professional image that builds customer loyalty
  • Have users find your business via search engines


  • Add texting to your business and marketing efforts

  • Receive text messages back from your customers, utilize it as a two way communication device

Patentability Search

Search Engine Optimization

What good is a web site that new customers cannot find?  An effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy will ensure that your web site shows up for your prospective customers.  Today's customers first source of information is the Internet, make sure you're represented.  We can help with:


  • Utilization of Social Content

  • Video Content

  • Web Site Optimization for Mobile Devices

  • Optimized for Local Businesses

  • Keyword Configuration

  • Link Management

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